About US

Welcome to Empire

The Empire Welding & Construction has been serving the United States of America for the past eight years. We specialize in structural steel, fabrication, detailing, and steel erecting. Our work includes all commercial and residential projects with a specialization in storage facilities and metal buildings. At Empire, we believe in excellence, providing high-quality steel work while maintaining safety standards and regulations.
Our team of skilled workmen is highly trained, utilizing market-leading technologies to provide top-quality steel solutions. We believe in forging lasting relations with our customers by abiding to high-level professional practices. Our experience produces unmatched steelworks in all of America and fosters our relationship with you. At Empire, we strive for brilliance, producing quality you can trust. Contact us today and start building your steel Empire!

Our Mission

At Empire, we aim to build lasting relations with you. We accomplish this by serving the community with reliable and long-lasting steel structures. Our specialization in the steel domain is what sets us apart in the industry. Professionals at Empire work to your satisfaction by combining your plans and our expertise. It’s as simple as that: you dream it, we’ll build it. So join hands with us to make all your steel dreams come true.

Our Services

Empire Welding & Construction is your all-in-one steel services solution. We provide all kinds of steelwork, ranging from Steel detailing, structural steel fabrication and erecting, metal buildings and storage facilities. Our professional workers utilize high-tech tools and technologies to achieve “Quality That You Can Trust” in our products.
Our work is our ambassador and amasses our excellence in the world of steelworks. We use technologically advanced methods and materials to create structures that are reliable and long-lasting. Our team collaborates with you to prepare the perfect plan that fits your needs. This devised plan ensures quick fabrication times, efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Explore Empire’s services to find the solution to your steel needs.


years of experience and industry expertise aid us in manufacturing unmatched end products. This ensures that our work excels customer expectations, fostering a unique business-client relationship. Our nationwide operations have built our loyal client base all over the United States. So, no matter where you are located, you can always avail our expert steel services. We also provide unparalleled rates for top-quality work. Get a quotation for your site today and find it out yourself!


We follow technologically advanced methods to forge high-quality, durable metal buildings with long-lasting steel that can withstand harsh weather conditions, helping you cut down on long-term repair and maintenance costs.


Empire provides a one-stop solution to all your steel needs. We offer customized plans that are highly flexible, allowing you to collaborate with our industry experts to devise the perfect plan for your commercial, industrial, or storage projects.

Timely Delivery

Our team of experts develops an efficient timeline for the prompt delivery of your project. We value your time and money; thus, our workers specialize in timely delivery, benefiting your business by reducing downtime with faster project completion.