Our Services

Empire Welding & Construction is your all-in-one steel services solution. We provide all kinds of steelwork, ranging from Steel detailing, structural steel fabrication and erecting, metal buildings and storage facilities. Our professional workers utilize high-tech tools and technologies to achieve “Quality That You Can Trust” in our products.
Our work is our ambassador and amasses our excellence in the world of steelworks. We use technologically advanced methods and materials to create structures that are reliable and long-lasting. Our team collaborates with you to prepare the perfect plan that fits your needs. This devised plan ensures quick fabrication times, efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Explore Empire’s services to find the solution to your steel needs.

Metal Buildings

Empire Welding & Construction provides a one-stop solution to all kinds of metal building requests across the United States. We believe in evolving and growing with time; this is why we incorporate technologically advanced methods to craft the perfect metal buildings for you. Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen make sure that your dreams come to reality supported by our experience and expertise.

Metal buildings require high-quality materials to withstand harsh weather conditions. This is where we come in; with our premium steel practices and expert material sourcing, we provide the strength that your metal building needs to stand tall against all conditions. We ensure your safety by following strict safety rules and building regulations.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities require extensive detail to design and square foot usage, we help our customers get the best bang for their buck and more importantly, we ensure that your monthly income is MAXED out, by specializing in custom storage design to fit your needs.

We aim to provide you with quality you can trust. We achieve this through our years of experience and subject knowledge combined with top-quality material sourcing to ensure a tough design that stands tall for a longer time. Our unique engineering solutions help us deliver quality both in design and performance to satisfy all your storage requirements. Learn more about our exclusive storage facility construction services today!


Our structural steel services lead the metal industry with high-quality steel fabricators and quick installation times. We are determined to provide and construct steel structures that are long-lasting and fit your needs. Our expert team conducts an in-depth plans review before drafting the perfect structure for your requirements.


Steel fabrication requires high-quality materials and precision to ensure the best outcome. This is where our ever-evolving technologies come into play. We incorporate the latest tools to achieve a high level of accuracy in our work that our expert designers create, keeping in mind your needs and requirements. These advanced methods ensure that our product remains durable and is erected flawlessly.

We believe that through collaboration, we can achieve exactly what you’re looking for. Our team collaborates with you to devise the perfect workable plan for your fabrication needs. These unique collaborative practices drive our 95% customer satisfaction rates. So, learn more about our exceptional fabrication services and work with us to create the steel designs of your dreams.